Residential Buildings

A building is never just a building.

Our understanding of what makes a space ideal for living has only grown with every year of experience. Yes, it has to look good. But it also has to breathe. It’s the small, day-to-day things that amount to happiness and comfort, and that’s why we pay extra-close attention to the livability, practicality and functionality of our residential projects. After all, there’s a reason why they call it a living space.

Sharjah Terraces Residential Tower

Sharjah, UAE — 2021
in collaboration with Al Thuriah

Twins by the Mall

Larnaca, Cyprus – 2022
in collaboration with Code Architecture Studio

La Plage

Sharjah, UAE — 2019

Sin El Fil 294

Beirut, Lebanon — 2018

City View

Ashrafieh, Lebanon — 2010/15

Beirut 700

Beirut, Lebanon — 2012/14

Saifi Crown

Beirut, Lebanon — 2007/14


Beirut, Lebanon — 2009/13

Hamra Gardens

Beirut, Lebanon — 2010/12


Beirut, Lebanon — 2006/11