Our Story

Hawa-Moujaes Architects

Through over 33 years of professional experience, we’ve established ourselves in the fields of architecture and engineering with a diverse portfolio of distinguished projects.

Our Team

is comprised of qualified and experienced architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and interior designers, working together in coherence.
From our offices in Beirut, Dubai and Abuja, we’ve continued to provide exceptionally high-quality design, supervision, and project management services to our network of clients in Lebanon, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Clients

only expect the highest level of creativity, quality and service from us, and our teams oversee and control our projects to the highest standards of international quality.

Both founding partners have been invited as jury panelists at the American University of Beirut’s School of Architecture.

Key Milestones

A friendship that was meant to be.

The partners met at the American University of Beirut in 1982. Both coincidentally moved to Dubai in 1988, and back to Beirut in 1995.

Everything worthwhile has to start somewhere.

HM Architects is founded in 1995.

We completed our first project.

One year later, in 1996.

We grew into a new office.

Slowly but surely, in 1998.

We won our first of many design competitions.

For Saifi Crown, in 2005.

We expanded into a second office in Dubai.

HM went offshore, with an emphasis on retail, in 2006.

Then, it was time to move into Africa.

We started operating from Nigeria, in 2007.

Automotive specialization was next right direction.

First of several automotive partnerships, in 2014.

There’s a first to everything.

Our first shopping mall, in Dubai, in 2015.

Our pilot project on the island, with more to come.

Twin buildings in Larnaca, Cyprus, in 2021.

Let’s work together.